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Our goal and our passion have been to work hard, in stopping and helping eradicate and ending entertainment legacy abuse and entertainment exploitation, and to prevent legendary entertainers abuse and eradicate exploitation threw out the entertainment field by helping end the methods of entertainment exploitation in which destroys legendary entertainers and their families and legendary entertainers icons entertainment legacies, as well as entertain our fans, and just plain have fun while stopping

 one of the most destructive methods of entertainment exploitation to entertainment icons legacies and their families in which that causes and creates unjust poverty to legendary icons and their families legacies after their historic entertainment work threw out entertainment from entertainment corruption racism and greed. We are excited to be performing a weekly magazine and hope to see you soon at a show and magazine – take a look at our web site, or just drop us a line.



"This is a great web site I’ve never seen a site on the exploitation of legendary entertainers I  look forward in seeing more on this subject and the entertainment field.

This is the first site ever on the exploitation of legendary musicians and legendary entertainers look good